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Nestled in a quiet valley in the Black Range mountains, the town of Hillsboro is a unique community, with it’s approximately 125 residents coming from a widely diverse background. Many of the town residents are part of families that go back to the gold mining and cattle ranch days. Life here is relaxed, with a friendly, close-knit community that is always ready to help.

The majority of the residents in town are retired, with a median age of 55.2 years. Hillsboro is especially popular with biologists and geologists, with many residents having graduate or professional degrees in these and related fields. There are also several artists and writers who call Hillsboro home.

Hillsboro has a mild, comfortable climate characterized by low humidity. Annual rainfall averages about 14 inches, with about 3 inches per year of snow.

There is no formal government in Hillsboro. All of the town public services, such as the fire department, emergency services and water board are all staffed by dedicated volunteers.